12 Things I do when I get bored

There are certain things which people do when they get bored. I have listed the things that I do when I get bored.

  1. Facebook:
    1. Open https://facebook.com
    2. Check out everyone’s activity.
    3. Think of an “Über-cool” status message.
    4. Overthink about the Über-cool status message to an extent that it sounds lame.
    5. Drop the idea and head to https://twitter.com
  2. Give World Peace a thought. (Yeah, I do that a lot :D)
  3. Make phone calls.
  4. Think about working out.
  5. Mail:
    1. Check email inbox every two minutes.
    2. Get excited to find a new email.
    3. Trash the message knowing that it’s just a spam message/newsletter/offer advertisement from Amazon/GoDaddy.com.
  6. Plan on cleaning my room.
  7. Sit outside and stare into the sky for several minutes with absolutely nothing on my mind.
  8. Take some pictures using my cellphone.
  9. Listen to music and/or watch crappy movies.
  10. Watch Natalie Tran’s videos.
  11. Reorganize my phone book.
  12. De-clutter my desktop.

Now I’m really bored and I can’t think of anything else. As a result, in an attempt to do something different I ended up successfully writing a blog.

About Me

Hello! I’m Mohnish. I’m a Software Engineer at Adobe Adobe, who graduated from WKU WKU. I enjoy working on fun projects and here’s a few of them –

  • Dashboard: A data aggregating web application that provides a way to customize and display the aggregated data
  • Rearrange Tabs: A Google Chrome Extension to rearrange your tabs using keyboard shortcuts. Got featured on Lifehacker and Changelog weekly edition
  • Time for Coffee: A project to remotely monitor the coffee level in a coffee pot using a Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Pong: The classic game of pong implemented in HTML5 Canvas in the Web Browser
  • Draw: A simple collaborative drawing web app powered by Firebase

For a complete list of my projects, check out my 🔧Projects page. Almost all of my projects are open source and you can check them out on my GitHub GitHub page.