A while ago I was reading about mental models and came across this article about Inversion. The following sentence from that article intrigued me – Avoiding stupidity is easier than seeking brilliance FS Blog If you go by the face value of it, it might seem like there isn’t much to it. More often than … Continue reading Inversion

Moving past chaos

The last few months have been chaotic for me. They could’ve been better, but I managed to accidentally introduce confusion, making them chaotic. I started way too many personal initiatives and ended up finishing none. These weren’t necessarily tech projects, just some personal initiatives around health, managing time, growth, etc. Not all of these initiatives … Continue reading Moving past chaos

Alan Perlis

Fools ignore complexity. Pragmatists suffer it. Some can avoid it. Geniuses remove it. Alan Perlis


Happy New Year 2021

Last year, when I wrote the “Happy New Year 2020” post, COVID-19 had just begun its course. Very few people in the world were aware of the full glory of the havoc it was about to wreck on the world. Looking back at that post, I just smile at how oblivious I was to what … Continue reading Happy New Year 2021

reMarkable 2

I got the new reMarkable 2. I pre-ordered it in early March and after a lot of waiting, got it mid-October. After using it for two months, here are my thoughts.

PIT Score

Starting a new project and not finishing it can be quite a discouraging experience. If it ends up becoming something you tend to do often, you lose the motivation to pursue new ideas and that can be bad. How many times have you started a project and felt like you should’ve picked another one? What … Continue reading PIT Score


I got an email this morning, with the subject “North + Google” from North. According to the email, Google had acquired them. A quick Google search about the company pleasantly surprised me that it was Thalmic Labs. I didn’t realize Thalmic Labs changed their name to North. I still remember getting excited when I received … Continue reading North

FUT 20 06/01

I’ve decided to move away from a Ligue 1 team and try out Bundesliga players. This was to help me upgrade my weak defense. Here’s my latest updated team – Here’s my in-game formation – As you can see, I have a few newcomers.

FUT 20 05/05

Here’s what my latest team looks like – Here’s my in-game formation with this team –



A detailed analysis of my FIFA Ultimate Team 20 with all the custom tactics I use and the player instructions I have setup.


A while ago, I wanted to build a data aggregation service that’d allow its users to fetch data from a set of data sources defined by them. I wanted to allow the users to configure the data fetch interval for each source. This led to the birth of the Dashboard project. Dashboard is a data … Continue reading Dashboard

WordPress 5.3

After, what seemed like a long wait, WordPress 5.3 is finally here. Right on time. Congratulations to the WordPress team. I just finished upgrading my blog to the latest version of WordPress. I’ve been waiting to try out the final version of the brand new TwentyTwenty theme that ships with the latest version of WordPress. … Continue reading WordPress 5.3

Apple Watch

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple announced the new Apple Watch Series 5. This is a comparison of specs of Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4 and Series 3 based off of Apple’s website.

Goodbye, Google Analytics

A few months ago, I took the decision to ditch Google Analytics in favor of the native WordPress analytics dashboard. It’s basic, but it solves the problem.

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

Raspberry Pi 4

A few hours ago, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the latest version of their awesome single board computer, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. I am stoked. As shown in the above image, it has dual monitor support at 4K. They switched the power supply to use USB-C and has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The new version … Continue reading Raspberry Pi 4

Google Fi Review (2019)

After ten years of using AT&T, I switched to Google Fi and here are my thoughts. Before I start my review, here’re some details you might be interested in. I use Google Fi on an unlocked iPhone XS. I knew very well about the limitations before I signed up for the service. So, here is … Continue reading Google Fi Review (2019)

Working on Side Projects

Working on Side Projects can be really fun. But, you know what’s not fun and sucks? Not finishing the project and abandoning it (also, Global Warming). This is a very common problem and most of us struggle with it. It gets trickier. Once you lose interest in the project and abandon it, guilt kicks in, … Continue reading Working on Side Projects


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