About Me

Hello! I’m Mohnish. I’m a Software Engineer at Adobe Adobe, who graduated from WKU WKU. I enjoy working on fun projects and here’s a few of them –

  • Dashboard: A data aggregating web application that provides a way to customize and display the aggregated data
  • Rearrange Tabs: A Google Chrome Extension to rearrange your tabs using keyboard shortcuts. Got featured on Lifehacker and Changelog weekly edition
  • Time for Coffee: A project to remotely monitor the coffee level in a coffee pot using a Raspberry Pi 3B+
  • Pong: The classic game of pong implemented in HTML5 Canvas in the Web Browser
  • Draw: A simple collaborative drawing web app powered by Firebase

For a complete list of my projects, check out my 🔧Projects page. Almost all of my projects are open source and you can check them out on my GitHub GitHub page.