It is a data aggregating web application that provides a way to customize and display the aggregated data. It’s an open source project.

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Rearrange Tabs

A Google Chrome Extension to rearrange your tabs using keyboard shortcuts. Got featured on LifehackerChangelog weekly edition, and on Google Web Store.

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Time for Coffee

Time for Coffee is a hackathon project that I built to remotely monitor the coffee level in a coffee pot using a Raspberry Pi 3B+.

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Open Source

A command line tool that lets you add an open source license to your project by running a simple command.

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The classic game of pong implemented in HTML5 Canvas in the Web Browser.

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A simple collaborative drawing web app powered by Firebase.

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Money lets you manage your money and visualize where your money goes. Built with Ruby on Rails, Backbone and Bootstrap. It is self-hosted.

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A simple webpage hi5-ing component powered by Firebase.

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