1Password’s “unlock with Apple Watch” feature is a thing of beauty

Unlock 1Password with Apple Watch

I love 1Password. I’ve been a paying customer since 2018. Before that, I used LastPass, Dashlane, and several other similar password managers and never really stuck with any of them for long enough.

1Password is simple and doesn’t get in your way. Besides some nice features like the Watchtower, Sharable vaults, etc, there’s a fantastic feature that I really love and use every single day. Their “Unlock 1Password with Apple Watch” feature. You can enable this feature from your 1Password settings as shown below.

Enable the feature here

Once enabled, you can unlock your 1Password account on your Mac and your web browser by opening 1Password and double clicking your Apple Watch’s side button at the following prompt.

The prompt on your watch looks something like this

I use this at home and at my office, where my laptop lid is closed and connected to my monitor. This UX makes it easy for me to keep my 1Password locked at all times and only unlock it when I need a password, without typing in my Master Password every time.

Great job, 1Password team 👏


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