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Before continuing to read this post, I would like to clarify that this is not an in-depth review of the Series 5 (S5) nor is an actual comparison of Series 5 against a Series 4 (S4). This is more of an observation based on the specs mentioned on Apple Watch’s website.

Most of Apple’s products are amazing. I love my Apple Watch. I watch all of Apple’s product announcements with a great deal of enthusiasm. Naturally, I was really looking forward to yesterday’s Apple event. The introduction video is really impressive.

During the event, the only product I was looking forward to was the Apple Watch. I like my iPhone, but, after Face ID™, I haven’t been impressed by anything that Apple has done with the iPhone.

The S5 specs didn’t seem too different from the S4. The new hardware additions to S5 are the Always-on Display and the Compass. I checked out Apple’s website to compare. I noticed that Apple removed S4 from their website. Now, you can only compare the S5 with S3.

Luckily, Wayback Machine came to the rescue. I used the same URL that Apple had with a comparison of S4 with S3.

Here’s the comparison of Apple Watch S5 with S3:

Here’s the comparison of Apple Watch S4 with S3:


As you can see, there is not a lot of difference. Apple says S5 is 2x more performant than S3. Apple’s spec comparison website says that S4 is 2x more performant than S3. This basically confirms that S5 is almost similar to S4 in terms of performance.


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