Argentina are the Winners of World Cup 2022!

Argentina – World Cup 2022 Champions

Argentina have won the World Cup 2022!

Leo Messi is the greatest footballer ever to set foot on earth.

Leo Messi is the GOAT

Today has been a very exciting day. I don’t know how the entire day went by. I have been cruising through it and I love it.

Lionel Messi has just sealed his status as the Greatest of All Time. Not that he needed a World Cup to prove it, but it’s more for the rest of the world. The debate just ended this morning. He has had a phenomenal tournament and carried Argentina to victory.

This whole tournament has been fantastic. The upsets, the surprises, the entertainment, the heartbreaks, the thrillers, and the drama – this World Cup had everything. And the finals — *chef’s kiss* — what an entertainer! The perfect result.

I want to write so much about Leo, but that’s for another time. For now…

Edit: I wanted to include the following pic since it’s one of my favorite photos of the Argentina NT celebrating their victory

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