Blog Changes

This year, I’ve decided to make a few changes to my blog and following are the changes –

SSL enabled site-wide

As you might’ve already noticed, my blog is now served over SSL. I’ve enabled SSL site wide here ( & on my domain. You can too, if you’re using GitHub to host your blog. The whole setup is very simple, quick and free.


My blog URL has also changed. I’ve decided to use for my blog and for my profile page. I’ve used as my custom url shortener for the past couple of years.

Update: I’ve updated my blog URL to use


After I moved away from Tumblr, I started using GitHub Pages to host my blog. I found a script online to convert my Tumblr blogs into Jekyll supported markdown files. Once I had my markdown files, it was just a matter of pushing them to my homepage repository on GitHub. Ever since the move, my blog has had the same design. It’s time for a change. Over the coming 3-4 months, I will be updating my blog design in increments. These are some of the changes I’m planning on making to my blog this year.

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