I love Football and I play FIFA 20, especially FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), a lot. I love the game in spite of the awful patches EA Sports releases to screw up the gameplay often times.

FUT in FIFA is a fun mode where you can build your own club with players from different clubs/nations/leagues. I enjoy curating my team. I tweak around the instructions you can apply to a player and see how the player performs during a match. It’s really fun.

Here’s my current starting XI –

So far, my pack luck has been great this season. I’ve packed Leo (94 rated CL untradable), Cristiano (93 rated CL untradable), Rijkaard (90 tradable Prime Icon) and Kante (89 rated untradable). I’ve managed to pack even Salah (90 rated untradable), Mahrez (89 rated ShapeShifter untradable), Lemar (87 rated FUT Birthday untradable).

Recently, I hit a wonderful milestone of scoring 1000 goals with my favorite player, the G.O.A.T, Leo Messi. I was able to do this in just 890 games. This also includes 450 assists. An absolute beast.

My current bench looks like this –

(L to R) Lemar, Mahrez, Salah, Ferland Mendy [ignore the last three bronze cards]

My current tactics –

I like to play a more Balanced (attacking)/Balanced (defending) game. This gives me more control over my players.

My in-game formation looks something like this –

4-2-3-1 with Cristiano at ST

After trying out many permutations and combinations of player instructions, my current team works well with pretty much default instructions for all of my CAMs.

My ST has the following instructions –

Get in Behind is very crucial for your ST’s attacking runs

My CDM, Kante, has the following instructions –

This allows me to control the center of the midfield. My fullbacks will handle the wings

Both of my fullbacks have the following instructions –

I use my fullbacks to build up an attacking run, but, they don’t join the attack after the ball moves to the winger or the CAM running on the flank

So far, these settings and instructions have been working well for me. I need to upgrade my RB, Semedo to a better version. Maybe I’ll acquire the Headliners version of Semedo later.

According to FUTBIN, the current valuation of my team stands at 2.35 mil coins.

If you are starting out with FUT, I’d recommend the following –

  1. Play Rivals
  2. For weekly rewards, pick the 3rd option (untradable packs)
  3. Finish weekly SBCs using the untradable players, if they don’t fit your starting XI
  4. Sell tradable players from these packs and gather funds to fund your next player

This is not the best strategy, but, it has worked well for me. This might seem a bit complicated, but, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to upgrade your team easily. You are bound to pack good players over time.



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