Fifa 23

FUT 23

After a really long time, I have stopped playing FIFA. I bought the latest edition, FIFA 23 and lost interest in the game immediately. I played for maybe a month after its release but that was it.

I’ve been playing FIFA since 2013/14. I started playing it mostly offline. I played FIFA as a kid with my friends. In 2016, I started FIFA Ultimate Team, more commonly referred to as FUT and that changed everything. It was fun back then.

My friends and I organize FIFA tourneys. We take it very seriously. We even built a bot for it and it’s open source :). FIFA’s regular mode is still fun. I wish EA invested in creating a tourney mode to run tourneys among friends, like we do. They don’t seem to do that and they invest heavily in FUT mode, which makes sense for them since it’s their cash cow. Right now, it has become boring because it’s the same cards every year and there’s always one or two OP cards, the same ones, every damn year. I might get back to later towards the end of the season, but I still am not interested in it now. Also, I can’t stand Kylian Mbappe being the best card in the game. Even his gold card is pricier than some dope special cards. It’s April and the card is still half million. It’s ridiculous given that he isn’t even the best player in the world right now.

I’ve switched to mostly playing Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II. This is my third CoD title. First was Black Ops III, which I played like 3 times, followed by Black Ops Cold War (BOCW). BOCW was the first CoD title that I played seriously. I liked the game, but it got boring after maybe 6 months.

I hope EA FC is better than FIFA. I will give it another shot next season. If I don’t like it, I will stop giving EA my money on a yearly basis.

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