Happy New Year 2010

Time seems to be in a hurry. Last year seems like yesterday to me. ‘Tis January 10th, 2010 already. Anyways, Happy New Year everybody.

It feels good to get back to you all after a long time. Time has been the major reason for my absence all the while. It didn’t let me write a post. To be frank I didn’t find anything worth blogging. Finally when I had the time, patience, content and the will to write a post, I got bedridden for almost a week. This post was intended to be posted on the 1st of January. I wasn’t well and hence, the delay. I always wish that life had the options to rewind and fast-forward. If I rewind myself a year back, and then just play the highlights, this would be the result.

January 2009: The saddest and most disgusting month of 2009. Lost one of my best friends Rohit Santosh and my grandpa 🙁

February 2009: Bought hosting and the domains http://blog.mohni.sh/ and http://mohnish.net The 2nd one actually came free with my hosting account 🙂

March 2009: Started working on my blog and posted my first blog post.

April 2009: Completed my final year project. Voted for the first time. Had both fun and sad moments in the last month of engineering.

May 2009: Celebrated my b’day 😉

June 2009: Got busy with Visa processing.

July 2009: Got my Visa to U.S.A.

August 2009: U.S.A had the honor of meeting me…face to face. 😛

September 2009: 1st month of education in U.S.A. Got my Dell Vostro 1320.

October 2009: Improved my culinary skills.

November 2009: Spent most of the time on Social networking websites.

December 2009: Finals, project submissions and of course…relaxation. So, that was me in 2009. I’m hoping that 2010 brings loads of excitement and happiness into my life and yours too.

Have a great year ahead.


5 responses to “Happy New Year 2010”

  1. 😞I am sorry, but it is our classmate Rohit.

  2. moseenaiqbal Avatar

    about which rohit? .i hope and pray its not our classmate .pls reply

  3. ya man 2k9 was really a motley of pitiful and cheerful stuff…
    Read the post and its really inspering, but the only thing that amuses me is that y do fake thinks inspire ppl !!! roflol=))
    thngs 4m my end for 2010 is start being a bit social cutdown being dotty!!! Start liftin ur bottom!!
    Cheers 2010 <3 u !!!
    do bare wid the spellin !!! 😀

  4. ANIL AMMULA Avatar

    good one!!!!!!

  5. nice list out. inspired me too


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