Happy New Year 2013

I know I am super late but I am going to go ahead and do it anyway,
Happy New Year 2013 everyone!



Hope you all had a wonderful 2012. I myself had a few eye-opening experiences (personally and professionally) and was in a miserable situation for the most part of 2012 but I have no regrets. I’ve learnt a lot last year and I’m proud of it. Let me share my experiences in 2012 with you all:


  • I got very sick and was bed ridden for 2 weeks. It was a depressing month.


  • In an attempt to keep up one of my resolutions for 2012, I joined the gym. And you know how it goes in the first few months, right?


  • I quit going to the gym (but I never stopped paying).
  • In the later part of March, I crashed and burned.


  • Gave my sister a surprise visit for her birthday and fell sick at her place. She ended up taking care of me. I bet she did get surprised, although I am not sure what surprised her more, my sickness or my visit.


  • Went back to Bowling Green, KY, after 6 months for my friends’ graduation. Had a good time there.


  • I have zero memory of what I did in June.


  • Sis visited my place.
  • Had fun exploring California.
  • My friends (Anurag anna & Macha) came down to my place (from Bowling Green) and we had a great time.
  • Bought a car.


  • Just when I thought 2012 was getting better, my good friend, Anurag anna passed away in a car accident :(. It was shocking.
  • I was heart broken and had to visit Bowling Green only to make myself feel even more worse.


  • Jumped off a plane from an altitude of 18,000 ft. It was a great experience. I think it was the adrenaline rush that sort of reset my thoughts. It was memorable.


  • Nothing interesting happened.


  • Had an awesome Thanksgiving vacation with my friends in Florida.
  • Successfully completed my first year at BillFloat.
  • Came to know that an open source JavaScript plugin that I contributed to a while ago, was heavily used by the front-end development team for the “Obama For America” campaign.


  • Got very busy at work. We released code 2-3 times a week in December.
  • Had a great NYE party with friends in San Francisco!

Open Source

I did contribute to a few Open Source apps in 2012. This year however, I intend to contribute even more.


Last year’s resolutions:

  • [✔] Be productive
  • [✔] Donate money
  • [✔] Complete what I started
  • [✔] Be less selfish
  • [-] Be cool
  • [↓] Lose weight in a healthy way and work out at least 18 days a month. (The arrow pointing downwards indicates that I did the opposite by gaining weight. Oh and BTW my overall number of visits to the gym in 2012 was not even 18)

This year’s resolutions:

I only have one resolution for this year. Be more positive. These two blog posts, Chase Happiness and Lokaah Samastaah Sukhino Bhavantu, changed the way I think. They’re pretty impressive and have a fair amount of influence on me. I think you should definitely check them out.

I would like to conclude this post by saying, be more positive and be happy. Hope you all have a great year ahead!