Happy New Year 2014

Hello everyone! I know it’s February already but I never got to wish you guys a Happy New Year.

So, here you go:


Here’s a quick recap of what I did in 2013:


  • Created an open source component called “Hi5”.

February, March, April

  • (Nothing interesting happened)


  • Had a great vacation in Vegas with my childhood friends. Lost a lot of money at the casinos though.


  • (Nothing interesting happened)


  • Bought my first DSLR camera.
  • Went out fishing, for the first time, with my colleagues.

August, September

  • (Nothing interesting happened)

October, November

  • This was the most exciting part of 2013. I flew back to India after 3 years for my sister’s wedding.
    Had a wonderful time there with family and friends.


  • Got back to the United States after a wonderful vacation.
  • Attended a fun company sponsored Holiday Lunch. This year we were each given an Apple TV as a holiday gift.
  • Got shitfaced on NYE!


Last year, I only had one resolution; Be more positive. I like to think I did keep that resolution. This year, however, I don’t have any resolutions. That’s pretty much the New Year related part of this post.


I didn’t blog much last year. I wrote only two posts in 2013. I spent more time away from my computer, which, in a way, is a really good thing for me. I took better care of my health. I also developed an interest in photography and learned the basics of using a DSLR camera in Manual mode (thanks to my friends Andrew & Winnie).

I wish to take even more photos this year and hope even you guys are up to something interesting this year. Have another awesome 11 months!



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