My trip to India (Dec 2010 – Jan 2011)

It has been 24 days (already) since I’ve returned to India for my vacation and I am totally enjoying my stay here. It’s been awesome all the while. I met all my friends (School, Intermediate, Engineering and WKU of course) and some of my relatives. I had my favorite Chicken Biryani, Chicken 65 and many other foods which are part of the Indian Cuisine. I had been to almost all the places I love here. I may have put on some weight but I seriously doubt it.

There are two things though which bug me here – the pollution and the Internet speed. Both suck big time. Apart from these, everything is beautiful. I am feeling bad coz I’ve to go back to the US very soon. I do like my place back in the US, Bowling Green (Kentucky), but home is always much more fun. The festivals here are the best part. They are very lively, colorful and festive.

Speaking of festivals yesterday was Sankranthi, the “kites’ festival” as I fondly call it. Sankranthi happens to be my first favorite festival (2nd being Ugadi). I had loads of fun yesterday and the day before, flying kites with all my buddies. It was awesome meeting all my pals at the same time. 1 terrace, 21 friends, million kites, unlimited fun. It reminded me of my childhood days. I used to along with my friends, fly kites from three months before the festival till three months after the festival. That’s the amount of love I have for the festival.

Anyways, let me tell you guys about what we (my friends & I) did yesterday. After it was late in the evening, my friend Subbu said that he should fly a kite far enough until the thread (manja – sharp thread and saadhi – soft thread) was finished. While he was onto it, I suggested that we tie something (some color paper from torn kites) to the thread just to make sure that we know where the kite was (It was getting really dark and the kite was out of our scope). As we did that, another pal, Amar, came up with another idea, stating that we tie some more kites to the existing thread. We did that as well. Now, at this point, he got another idea. This probably was the weirdest part of the fun that we had yesterday. He suggested that we tie even some trash from the left over papers and stuff. So, as per the plan, we did that too and flew it. 😀

But that was not enough. We wanted more fun. Next, it was my friend Prashanth’s turn. He suggested that we burn crackers since it got really dark. I said yes. After a while our minds became even crazier and we started tying the crackers to the thread of the kite, lit them, flew the kite and watched the crackers fire up in the sky. We had an awesome time doing this little experiment of ours 😀 I will definitely miss all this. Anyways, how is it goin’ on with you guys?

PS: Will upload the video and the pics ASAP

2 responses

  1. chandana

    kite video plz

    1. Mohnish Thallavajhula

      haha it’s hard to find that after 9 years


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