The Social Network (2010)

After a long enthusiastic wait, day before yesterday I got a chance to watch the movie – “The Social Network”. I loved the movie. Of course not everyone who came along with me loved it. In fact, a friend of mine even slept in the theater itself with a loud snore. It always is a pleasure to watch movies about geeks. I loved every single aspect of the film. The background score blended well. So did the actors. The dialogues in the movie were quite impressive. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I wish I were in Harvard or any of the other elite schools. The life there can no way be compared to the life here or any other school similar to mine. The way students think there is totally different from the way students in normal schools think. They are the 1337 of not only the student society but also the society in general. Damn me for not being in a topnotch school. I would definitely recommend you to watch the movie.


One response to “The Social Network (2010)”

  1. Sirishasundarum Avatar

    hi,yes lil mine,i cudn’t make u to go over to ur desired school,i feel ugly to accept this fact….but then cudn’t help the situation ,as u r also indifferent to ur studies then….if u were gud at ur studies may b, u wud’ve succeeded ur goal of getting into a very gud school,unlike urs rite now,but then ….nothging is far off,u can prove urself by xcelling in where u r n wat u r …dont u think so sweets?so always try b satisfied n accept watz wid in our reach n try to prove gr8 at all situationz….nothing is impossible if u have a zeal…so,thumzup….darlin’,luvva u,tc,hugz bye


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