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Two Years on Chrome Webstore

Exactly 2 years ago (Mar 22nd, 2015), on a Sunday afternoon, I wrote and open sourced Rearrange Tabs. I use it every single day. I find it pretty useful.

The extension got featured on LifeHacker & Changelog ๐ŸŽ‰

Here are a few interesting stats about the project:

  • Active Users: 1000+
  • No. of Reviews on Chrome Webstore: 28
  • Rating on Chrome Wesbtore: 5 stars
  • Stars on GitHub: 39
  • Forks on GitHub: 10

Clearly, these are not mind blowing. But theyโ€™re not bad either. Also, this is my first project where the code written by my contributors is more than the code Iโ€™d initially written. I hope more people use it and find it useful. :cheers:

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