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  • Running


    My races from 2023 so far

  • Moving past chaos

    The last few months have been chaotic for me. They could’ve been better, but I managed to accidentally introduce confusion, making them chaotic. I started way too many personal initiatives and ended up finishing none. These weren’t necessarily tech projects, just some personal initiatives around health, managing time, growth, etc. Not all of these initiatives…

  • Wearable Tech

    Wearable Tech

    I love Wearable Tech™. My love for wearable tech started off in May 2012 with the launch of Nike+ Fuel Band. It was an amazing product. I absolutely loved everything about it. The design, the display, the battery, the style and of course, the UX. The next year, Fitbit came up with a competing product…

  • Weight Loss

    Weight Loss

    Up until mid 2008, I had always been underweight. I used to be extremely lean and my focus back then was to gain weight. I wanted to look decent when I wore shirts and not look like someone hung a shirt on a coat hanger. To get a mental picture, I’m a little over 5’9”…