Yesterday, I completed my 2nd 5K running race of 2023. It was a road run and it was fun.

Stats from the race yesterday:

Chip time: 41:20
Position: 868 / 1384
Pace: 13:19 / mile
Elevation gain: 15 ft
Avg Power: 124 W

This was my 2nd race of 2023. I ran my first one in January. It was a trail run and it was tough. I was looking at my watch all the time to see how much farther I had to run. Every breath seemed tougher. That’s what I get for not training.

Stats from the Coyote Hills race in January:

Chip time: 53:13
Position: 220 / 289
Pace: 17:10 / mile
Elevation gain: 437 ft
Avg Power: 90 W

The Coyote Hills race was technically my 2nd race. I signed up for another race in Oct 2022, but I couldn’t attend it due to ill health.

I want to see how many miles I can cover this year. So far, I haven’t run much. In fact, I haven’t even trained for any of these races. It’s pretty clear that I need to put in more effort.


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