FUT 20 06/01

I’ve decided to move away from a Ligue 1 team and try out Bundesliga players. This was to help me upgrade my weak defense. Here’s my latest updated team –

Here’s my in-game formation –

As you can see, I have a few newcomers.


  • 93 rated LW Insigne: He is fast, agile and good with passes. I have decided to go with the Basic chemistry style to get the most out of him on the left flank
  • 91 rated CM Allan: Initially I got the 88 rated version of this card and he was an absolute beast. So, 91 was a no-brainer. IMHO, this card is better than 89 rated NIF (not in form) Kante
  • 95 rated CM Müller: So far, he has been fine. He’s got pace, good passing and physicality, which is great. I chose the Engine chemistry style to improve his balance attribute
  • 91 rated Flashback Boateng: This card has been really good so far. Easily the best defender I’ve used in FIFA 20 thus far
  • 96 rated TOTSSF Hummels: Decent card. I wish he had more pace. Overall, not a bad card

Next up

The obvious choices are to get 87 rated Headliners Semedo and finish the Flashback SBC to get 91 rated Alex Sandro. This will finish my defense line upgrade.


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