FUT 20 06/28

The following is my latest squad –

Latest squad
My end-game squad for FIFA 20

As you can see, my latest fantastic addition is Ruud Gullit!

I cannot believe that I packed him in my Rivals rewards a couple of weeks ago.

New additions

  • 94 rated LW Summer Heat Perisic: Great on the right wing. Yes, it’s not a typo, I use him on the right wing and Messi on the left wing. Both are great providing support on either wings
  • 93 rated Prime Icon Ruud Gullit: One word – Fantastic! Literally no cons to this player. I’ve applied the shadow chemistry style and he is just unstoppable. He’s the definition of a box to box player. He’s the most influential player in my current squad
  • 91 rated RB TOTS Hakimi: Easily the best RB I’ve had in my team. Massive upgrade from Semedo. Hakimi has insane pace and is great defensively
  • 91 rated LB Flashback Alex Sandro: Finally, after waiting to gather players to finish the Flashback SBC for Alex Sandro. So far, he’s been good and bad. The bad comes mostly from the defensive positioning

I think this is it. I won’t be going for any new players on purpose. This is my end-game team for the season. If I get lucky and pack any other great player, I might consider changing the team. If not, I’ll only use the new players as substitutes.

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