Moving on from Independent Publisher 2

Independent Publisher 2 has been the theme on my blog for about 4 years now. I love its minimalism and simplicity. WordPress has introduced several new features ever since and it looks like the theme doesn’t support these features. This maybe due to the fact that it’s not actively being developed to support these new WordPress UI features. Over the past few months, I’ve discovered many UI bugs in the theme due to these changes.

I haven’t been able to fully focus on my writing due to me spending time focusing on fixing these bugs. So, I’ve been trying out new themes.

If you’ve visited my blog every day, over the past 5 days, you might’ve noticed a different theme each day. That’s ’cause I’ve been playing around with a few themes and settled on this theme for now. It is bold and has an emphasis on typography, which I appreciate. I might stick with this until I find a new one.


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