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I see a lot of people worried about AI taking over the world. The Writers Guild of America are on a strike, while AI isn’t their primary concern, it does seem like it’s their secondary concern.

Take a look at the following video by Casey (with the help of AI).

Casey basically asked GPT-4 to write a vlog including dialogues and sort of, screenplay, too. The AI generated a screenplay and he shot it as is, following the script. It was definitely not fun. Nope. Casey also expresses how bland the vlog was and how it lacked any depth.

Casey’s idea of using the AI to solely come up with the script and make an experimental vlog in itself is a fun idea. I enjoyed the experiment, not the script the AI created. If used the right way, AI can make for a powerful assistant. AI has the potential to unlock a lot of cool ideas from existing ones.

People from various fields are already abusing the use of AI. If you search Google Scholar for “As an AI language model” (removing “ChatGPT” & “LLM”), you’ll see these surprising results. This is what it has become. There have been cases where there were lawyers who trusted ChatGPT and got their asses handed to them. There’s a ton of small content creators that use AI to create content. You can tell that the quality is low.

Currently, AI is trendy AF. A.I. might not replace you, but a person who uses A.I. could. Most companies have made it their top priority to have features powered by AI.

You have a text editor? You have AI.

You have a search engine? You have AI.

You have a CMS? You have AI.

You have a graphics editor? You have AI.

You have a Q&A website? You have AI.

You have a note-taking app? You have AI.

You have a fucking to-do list? You have AI.

There’s a lot more apps that use AI.

So, an efficient path forward is to embrace AI and improve your game. You can be an artist and focus on the art while your AI assistant handles the boring boilerplate nonsense. It’s all about finding the right balance.

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