Category: Thoughts

  • SEO to AISO

    Google’s MadeByGoogle ’23 Keynote revealed new features powered by AI, including web content summarization. This implies a future focus on AI Summarization Optimization (AISO) for web authors, in addition to the current SEO. As AI summarization takes off, content creators might optimize their work to better suit these models.

  • Art and the ArtIst

    Art and the ArtIst

    My thoughts on using AI to help you become more efficient by letting you focus on your art and leaving the boilerplate stuff to your AI assistant

  • DHH on Design Tools

    DHH on Design Tools

    My thoughts on DHH’s recent post about using HTML/CSS for designing for the web instead of design tools.

  • Facebook cleanse

    Facebook cleanse

    I cleaned out my FB account to make it usable again. During this process I noticed the flaws in FB’s UX.

  • Twitter Blew

    Twitter Blew

    My views on what’s wrong with Twitter Blue and how to fix these issues.

  • The Social Network (2010)

    After a long enthusiastic wait, day before yesterday I got a chance to watch the movie – “The Social Network”. I loved the movie. Of course not everyone who came along with me loved it. In fact, a friend of mine even slept in the theater itself with a loud snore. It always is a…