The other day, I was watching the MadeByGoogle ’23 Keynote and saw that Google is launching a bunch of new features powered by AI. One of the new features is summarizing the content of a webpage. It’s quite helpful really.

This got me thinking. Today, there’s a ton of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that any author of a website does to their web pages. Some, like me, don’t give a shit. But, most people do. Up until now, this was enough to have good visibility when qualifying or showing up in search results. Moving forward, with these new summarization capabilities (Google already uses these in Google Search), web authors might end up having to focus on AI Summarization Optimization (AISO) too.

I can see folks trying to make it easy for these AI tools to summarize their content. With summarization coming for free, lot of users will resort to using these and this means that most blogs, articles, website marketing pages, etc will resort to optimizing their content to manipulate the AI summarization models.

It’d be hilarious if people start using AI to AISO their content for the AI summarization tools.

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