Platinum blonde

I’m getting my hair bleached again right now. This is the 2nd sitting of the bleaching process to get to the full platinum blonde look I was going for. Also, this happens to be my first time blogging from the new Jetpack mobile application. The options available are not intuitive at all. I had to google how to add a link in the draft. I wanted to do a Constrained series post, but I wasn’t comfortable with the Jetpack mobile app.

Anyway, the last time I was here, I spent almost 3 hours for the bleach to bleach my hair from black to blonde. That was my first time getting my hair fully bleached and didn’t expect the process to take that long. Naturally, I got to the hair salon unprepared and spent 3 hours browsing random websites and consuming information.

This time, I wanted to come prepared and better utilize my time while I wait for the hair bleach to do its thing. Unfortunately, I forgot about it. So, here I am again, unprepared.

I wanted to do something different and so I decided to blog during the waiting time. This reminds me of that one time I blogged on a flight. Basically, I’m shifting my stance from being a consumer of information to being a producer of information. It’s not that this particular post is going to be any interesting, but I just wanted to be on the other side of the spectrum where I am not the consumer.

This particular thought of not consuming too much information came to my mind after I checked my Screen Time on my phone and noticed that I was spending way too much time on my phone being a consumer. I don’t mean to swap that time being a producer instead, but, I’d rather lower my consumption down.

One of the main reasons I want to limit my consumption is to improve the quality of content I consume. The more I consume, the quicker I run out of good content and end up consuming random mindless content on the internet.

I want to be able to retain higher qualify information and cultivate it to use it in ways that benefit me. For this to happen, I need to consumer less, but high quality information.

Before I end this post, here’s a little hair salon trivia: There’re different types of licenses for hair stylists. Someone with a barber license isn’t allowed to do any chemical treatment on their customers’ hair. For them to be able to do that, they need to have a cosmetology license. Someone with just a cosmetology license, can’t do a beard shave that involves a single blade.

This trivia is brought to you by my hair stylist – Erika!

Note: This post was written a few hours ago at the hair salon. I’m posting it now ’cause I forgot to publish the post then.


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