World Cup 2026 logo


Yesterday, Fifa unveiled the logo for World Cup 2026. It reminds me of the PS5 logo debacle.

World Cup 2026 Official Logo

The effort it took for this:

  1. Select a font
  2. Type 2
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Type 6

That’s what the designer(s) did here. Just so people don’t get confused with it, they put the World Cup trophy in front of the 26. Look at the ones from the past.

They have character. They have something about the host nation. The 2026 logo has nothing. It’s just something created by some pretentious designer thinking it would look dope. In reality, the logo is just so bad and bland.

I hope Fifa comes up with another logo that takes more than 2 seconds to “design” it.


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