We are the Champions of Spain

Champions of Spain

Madrid, cabron, saluda el campeon!

Samuel Eto’o

First off, props to Xavi for making us champions again. I didn’t have faith in him initially, when he was appointed the manager of Barca midway last season. But, that quickly changed as the previous season progressed. He was given a very bad team and he made the most out of it with the youngsters from La Masia. This hasn’t been an easy season, especially in Europe. We will get there. I’m sure we will be better next season. I think Xavi will also improve as a manager.

It has been a while since Barca won La Liga. The last time we won it, it was the 2018/19 season. The team has changed completely ever since. I’m so happy that we’ve won the Spanish League title again. I want us to win the treble next season. There are rumors of the GOAT returning back to Barca, but I think it’s too good to be real. Barca don’t have the funds to comply with the Financial Fair Play and La Liga restrictions. I have faith in the current team though. We finally have a good defense line and a very good mid. Our attack line is the weakest and we need a very good attacking player. Lewandowski has been fine in the league, but not in the Champions League (CL).

To be successful and win silverware, teams need a solid defense. That’s what gets you titles.

Marc-Andre ter Stegen (MAtS), our goalie, has had a phenomenal season. 24 clean sheets.

Christensen: The best signing of the season.

Kounde: He’s been great so far, except for a few dumb mistakes that costed us.

Araujo: Beast.

Balde: Fantastic in attack and decent in defense. He will get better. He needs to improve his crossing.

Lewandowski: He was great until the World Cup and lost his form right after. He’s picked it back up in the last few games.

Gavi: Our Golden Boy has been great, pissing off our rivals the most. He is going to set the pitch on fire.

Pedri: He’s been injured for the most part of the season, but he’s been great when he played.

Frenkie: Fantastic player.

Raphina: He’s been frustratingly good. I hope he improves his decision making.

Dembele: He’s been very very good. Got injured and lost a few weeks, but he’s so much better than his past.

Ansu, Ferran: Both have been bad.

Also, this happens to be the last season for our club legend, Busi. So grateful for Busi for all his years at Barca. With him gone, it’ll be the end of an era, the one that had Xavi-Busi-Ini – the trio that produced pure magic every game they played. The beautiful football they played. *chef’s kiss*

I’m very excited to see our new generation of players, Gavi – Frenkie – Pedri, dominate the midfield.

For us to actually dominate Europe, ideally, I’d hope for the following to happen –

Loan: Ansu – ever since his injury, he’s lost his explosiveness. It could also be the #10 jersey weighing him down

Sell: Ferran – he’s been bad #Alludu

Sell: Alonso – he’s been a surprisingly good signing, but he’s of no use anymore

Sell: Jordi – if this happens, we could buy new players

Sell: Kessie – sadly, he didn’t turn out to be the player we hoped him to be

Buy: Fullbacks – left & right, a defensive mid, and a quality attacker

With these reinforcements, I think we can become a team competing for the CL.

Let’s win the treble next season and let’s enjoy the victory, culers.



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