SFO Harvey Milk Terminal

Harvey Milk Terminal

A week ago, I got back from Las Vegas after a trip with my buddies from school. My Southwest flight gate was in the Harvey Milk Terminal. I flew from SFO several times since the terminal opened up, but never got the chance to check it out. My god! The terminal is beautifully designed.

Welcome to Harvey Milk Terminal 1
Welcome to Harvey Milk Terminal 1

I was so happy looking at the terminal, it seemed state of the art. The restrooms, restaurants, water filters, staircases, etc, everything looked nice. I mean, check it out here: https://aiasf.org/the-harvey-b-milk-terminal/

The art installations are pretty cool. The walls have pictures of Harvey Milk all over. The design is beautiful and the typography is delightful.

The terminal has the whole San Francisco vibe. Any person new to SF can feel the instant cultural shift walking in to the terminal. I loved it. As I was checking out the photos on the walls and the text written underneath, I came across a welcome sign at the terminal exit, written in huge font that read – “Welcome to San Francisco”.

Something about the text seemed so beautiful that I just stood there for 5 mins looking at it. The text color, a variant of black, the font, the font weight, everything about it was so…neat. That’s it, I just had to learn more about the design.

I started reading up about the design and found a few good sources that were directly involved in the projects. Apparently, Dalton Maag consulted on the project and came up a new font for it. I couldn’t find much about the particular font, but from what I remember, it looked very similar to the Myriad font.

If you know which font it is, please let me know.

Read more about the Harvey Milk Terminal project –


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