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The Last of Us: Season 01

Ever since I was a kid, I always loved playing video games. I played a ton of games. At one point, my friends and I even considered pursuing careers as professional video gamers, playing Counter Strike and moving to Sweden.

One of the video game developers I like is Naughty Dog. I’ve always enjoyed playing the Uncharted series and The Last of Us series.

I don’t remember liking any screen adaptations of the video games I played and liked. I didn’t like the Uncharted movie. So, when HBO announced that they were making a TV show based on The Last of Us, I was slightly apprehensive. Even though HBO has a great track record of producing high quality shows, I wasn’t fully sure about this one.

After watching The Last of Us Season 01, I felt happy. I liked the first season. I loved the fact that they chose to make the backdrop look exactly like the one in the game. There were so many resemblances to the game and I enjoyed it.

Great casting by the show producers. I’m calling it now, Bella Ramsey is going to win an Emmy for her portrayal of Ellie. Pedro Pascal did a fine job as Joel. Also, I was very excited to see Nick Offerman in the show (parks and rec fan).

I recommend watching the show.

Back in 2020, Naughty Dog released the sequel to the The Last of Us series. I liked it. The screenplay in the game is cool.

I look forward to the 2nd season, which apparently is scheduled for 2025.

Now, I really want to see HBO make a show based on Ghost of Tsushima — one of the best story based games ever.


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