Trees make you rich


Recently, I read the following tweet by Paul Graham

Paul Graham: Trees make towns look rich, and towns that look rich become rich.

Ever since I read it, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. The more I think about it, the more it seems to make sense. Naturally, I googled a little to see if I could find any sources to back this up and found this NYTimes article (opinion piece). Here’s another piece by The Guardian.

Palo Alto has one of the richest neighborhoods in the Bay Area (and possibly the country), and is filled with trees. It looks really beautiful. After reading more about this insight, it just makes more sense. I never thought about it this way and this blows my mind.

2 responses

  1. muhammad u

    You should see Portland, we have trees all over the place and it feels way better in the summer heat.

    1. Mohnish Thallavajhula

      That’s great. That must feel really nice.

      We don’t have the bigger trees here in my neighborhood. It’s mostly some folks growing them in their yard from over the years. Wish there were more though.


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