The Cloud & I – 11 years later

11 years ago, I wrote a post about The Cloud & I. I wanted to revisit it and provide an update on my current usage.

In terms of the tools and services I use, not a lot has changed over the decade.


Apple Music

I don’t store music anymore. I just use Apple Music. I rarely download songs for offline listening. It doesn’t seem necessary anymore given the ubiquity of mobile data service. However, I was curious to see what happened to my music collection on Google Music and tried clicking the link and it led to this –


I tried checking Grooveshark and it just looked spammy. I forgot my credentials and I didn’t bother resetting the password either.


I still use Flickr. I’ve been a paid subscriber since 12 years. I rarely use Dropbox. I haven’t logged into my SkyDrive (now OneDrive) in ages. iCloud is my primary cloud storage. It’s just convenient.


Evernote was great, but it just couldn’t compete with the other tools. For the longest time, I used Apple Notes. Right when the pandemic started, I switched to Roam and it serves as my primary note-taking tool. I still use Apple Notes every now and then.


GitHub. I love it. Shows how good the service is. I’ve never thought of switching, even once.


I stopped using Pocket a few years ago. I started using it when it first came out. Back then it was called ReadItLater. I used to be a paid subscriber for a long time and then ended my subscription once I realized that I was just saving the articles and never actually reading them. It just wasn’t for me anymore.

Browsers have evolved to support storing your bookmarks and syncing them over to other computers, natively. So, I use Chrome/Safari bookmarks and sync them across my computers.


iCloud. Again, it’s the convenience.

That’s it. This is how I use the cloud now-a-days.


2 responses to “The Cloud & I – 11 years later”

  1. do you use anything to backup your files?

    1. Pretty much just iCloud.


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