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  • The Cloud & I – 11 years later

    The Cloud & I – 11 years later

    I revisit my previous post on how I used the cloud to store my data back in 2012 and provide an update on my current usage in 2023.

  • CSS Container Queries

    CSS Container Queries

    CSS Container Queries are a great way to customize your web page elements based on the container size of those elements. This is going to be huge IMO.

  • The most critical feature of Instagram

    The most critical feature of Instagram

    Instagram is a simple and fun application. The simplicity of the application is what led to its success. It is extremely addictive. However, its most important feature or lack thereof, is the regram functionality. Instagram doesn’t allow users to just repost the same image from another user natively. The absence of this functionality is just…

  • Gutenberg

    The UX around composing a blog post has changed significantly over the years. It has moved from pure text based posts to having image embeds, galleries, videos and cards from various websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. The text editors are responsible for good UX and it’s great that they are evolving. This evolution…

  • Google’s Test my site

    Ran Google’s new Test My Site on my blog Here’s the result: Update: The above results have been updated after the redesign.

  • The Cloud & I

    The Cloud & I

    It was 1:30 AM yesterday night and I couldn’t sleep. I was trying really hard to sleep but I couldn’t. I gave up after a while and started to think about random stuff and thus, I ended up thinking about the Cloud. The Cloud Cloud storage has been one of the best technological innovations in…

  • Facebook buys Instagram

    Mark Z’s post on Instagram acquisition. Facebook buys Instagram

  • Beautiful CSS3 Code Generator

    Check this out: Beautiful CSS3 Code Generator

  • Latest updates

    WordPress: First off, let me start off with WordPress. WordPress never fails to impress me after launching new versions of its blogging platform. WordPress 3.2 seems to be heavily loaded with awesome. This seems to be a terrific upgrade from the previous versions. There are loads of new features included in the upgrade. The new…

  • Google+

    Google at last had launched its new suite of social tools, Google+, yesterday. I think it’s a great move from Google. I’ve actually been waiting since a long time for this to happen. It was rumored that this suite would be named something like “Google Circles” or “Google Me”. Google had its recent failures by…

  • Operating Systems and their default Browsers

    Testing various Operating Systems has always been something that I enjoyed. This enjoyment of mine led me to install and test Operating Systems such as Mac OS X 10.6.2, Chromium OS, Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx (Will be trying out Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat soon) and ofcourse my favorite Windows 7. Oh, and all these Operating…

  • Review: Internet Explorer 8

    Now that the latest version of one of the most bashed-up (Yet, the most popular) Microsoft products is out, the bashers can’t wait to get their hands on this new baby. But believe me, I tested it and I can confidently say that they will have a tough time bashing up IE8. Coming to the…